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Supplying Content for Your Site

July 12, 2010

Providing Content for Your Site

  1. Text-based content must be submitted in text format. If you want links to external sites/page, place the full link address in square brackets or parenthesis ([] or ()). Sticky Wicket Designs will accept Word documents, plain text files or PDFs. These documents need to contain basic text, with no colour and no font changes.
  2. For each separate page please submit a separate document eg, a text document for the "About Us" page, a separate document for the "Services" page, and so on.
  3. Headline - A descriptive and precise title. Place the most important words at the beginning of your headline. For example, Summit County, Colorado Wedding Locations and Advice is a great headline. For our purposes The Best Day of My Life is a poor headline because it doesn't describe the content in searchable terms.
    Search engines will discover your content via this headline as well as through the frequency of key words or key phrases within the body of your submission. While you need a specific, descriptive headline the words you select for this headline must also appear within the text. If you're writing about Summit County, Colorado Wedding Locations and do not mention "Summit County" or "wedding" in your article, then your content will not be discovered easily by search engines.
  4. Sub Headline (Optional) - An expanded description of the headline or a creative, catchy title. Examples: Ski Areas and Other Special Ceremony and Reception Sites or Exchanging Vows at High Altitude.
  5. If you would like to have an image that you've supplied placed in a specific location, provide a numbered list of each of your images in a separate file. Then, on the page that you'd like to include the image in parenthesis, enter the following:
    (image #1 - or what have you).

Of course, when sending digital images to be inserted into your site, we will accept any amount. When supplying Sticky Wicket Designs with images that need to be scanned in order to be placed into your site, we will scan up to twelve free of charge, however, after this you will be charged at an hourly rate for time spent scanning images.

I hope these few tips will help make the process of submitting content for your site an easy and enjoyable one.