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Invest in Northwest BC Site Launch

October 6, 2011

It's with great excitement, pride and pleasure that we're announcing the launch of The project was spearheaded by Northern Development Initiative Trust, and was delivered with Concept Design Ltd tackling all of the design related work.

Some of the highlights, and challenges of this project include:

  • an elaborate map for plotting the featured communities and their projects, achieved using CSS & HTML
  • in depth templating within CMS for ease of management for client & their users
  • easy to maintain tracking of all external links and links to internal documents (custom javascript coding and integration within Google Analytics)
  • preparation of instructional videos for the editors of the site

In the end I'm extremely pleased with the final result and the ability for each of the 10 editors that currently have access to the site to easily maintain and add additional content without the need for a developer's involvement.

The provision of training videos that are linked directly from within the CMS system has minimized the need for regular support and/or troubleshooting.